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Insta Customer Support Services will be a unique experience to you. We have separate and dedicated department to care you - round the clock...
Customer Support Services

“Insta has a clear single-minded focus to deliver the superior customer services experience, to the clients and we believe that we are making your lives simpler and easier”

Insta Telecom is proud to have recruited the best staff, trained in various aspects of networking, systems engineering and marketing. Insta Telecom personnel bring together a broad range of skill, garnered through careers in the ISP and software engineering industries. This talent pool provides invaluable experience and insight into the operation of networks across the country. Ultimately customer gets quality services and satisfaction.

Insta provide customer services support 24/7, from telephone enquiries to visiting demonstrations. Our well qualified staff is ready to help you in your time of need, so please don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as you need help.

We are also proud to initiate the well trained and skilled customer service staff in Afghanistan in telecommunication sector. We invest hard just for our customer satisfaction. We have deployed Trouble Ticket System which always ensures that No Complain is missed or overlooked. System issues an auto-generated Trouble Ticket Number, which is token of best service. You trouble ticket will not be closed by Auto-System unless resolved within a specified time-frame.

For any kind of issues, problems please Open a Trouble Ticket.

Alternatively, Customer Services can be reached at :

Phone : 0795-701000
Email :
Write an Urgent message, please Contact Us.

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