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Prepaid Cards
You are master of your own budget. Pay as much you use the internet and refill again your account with Insta Prepaid Cards, which are easily available in market...
Prepaid Internet Cards
Insta Telecom offers Prepaid Internet Cards to its valued customers in Afghanistan. These cards are available on all famous shopping stores, computer shops, internet cafes and other shopping places in all cities of Afghanistan.

Insta pre-paid Internet card service allows customers to access the Internet from any telephone line, eliminating the need to subscribe for an account with Insta Telecom.

By using Internet Prepaid Cards, you always get internet ready, without any connection advance expenses or subscription forms or accounts with our company. These cards are also convenient for those people who keep roaming in different cities while they can use the same internet in any city of Afghanistan. Or its good for those users who dont want to see monthly payment bills and want to pay just as they use.

Insta Prepaid Cards are available in 4 denomination which is cheapest as only 10 AFs per hour /1000 AFs per month and you get the same high speed internet services. Other card denominations are 500Afs, 100Afs and 50Afs.

  Prepaid Cards
Prepaid Card for DSL Internet

Insta Telecom offers Prepaid Internet Card for its DSL users. This is great convenience for those users who want to pay as much as they use only and want to avoid monthly billing and subscription of DSL account with us.

How to Top-Up DSL Internet Card? (click to see)

Download Screen Shots - How to Top Up your Card (PDF)

DSL Prepaid Card
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