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DSL Internet
DSL (digital subscriber line) technologies, often grouped under the term DSL, connect a computer to the Internet. DSL uses existing copper pair phone line wiring in conjunction with special hardware on the switch and user ends of the line. This special hardware allows for a continuous digital connection over the phone lines.
How DSL Broadband Internet Works

DSL Internet require normal working Telephone Line. A Splitter is added to your normal telephone line - which makes sure that your telephone keeps working as it is. So your normal telephone line does not get disturbed by installation of DSL Internet.

You have option to add more computers over LAN (Local Area Network) by using simple LAN Switch, which will connect your more computers and printers thru cable. While you can also add WiFi (Wireless) Router to your DSL, so you can use your Wireless enabled devices like Laptop, WiFi enabled Phone etc. thru your WiFi Router.

So all you make this internal network just backed by Insta DSL internet connection and you can get speed (bandwidth) tailored to your requirements.


How DSL Work

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