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Our Vision
Wireless networking is a more modern alternative to wired networking that relies on copper/fiber optic cabling between network devices. It’s the better solution for internet connection
Our Vision & Goals
Insta Telecom's vision is to emerge as best telecom in Afghanistan and to share growth efforts to rebuilt the country by providing leading edge communication solutions. Insta Telecom recognizes faster changes in corporate relationships and is committed to meeting & exceeding it's client's needs. Furthermore Insta is;

Committed to develop our intellectual capital to achieve excellence in service quality.
Dedicated to building a long term relationship based on trust and prudent practices there by creating an business environment in country.
Developing strategy for optimizingresources to generate sustainable growth in profit while making a positive contribution to the community we live in.
Insta Telecom will contribute the efforts in corporate sector to reconstruct the Afghanistan as better country by taking a proactive approach to fulfilling the needs of its customers as well as properly positioning itself for expected future increase in business volumes.

Growth shall be based on the development of solutions that simplify the use, and strengthen the usefulness of, advanced communications technology. Insta Telecom shall contribute to give customers greater freedom of choice and more options. Insta solutions shall simplify people's workday, make business and activities more efficient, and increase their competitive powers subsequently turning Afghanistan a prosper country.

Company also pursues the following as it aims:
Facilitating universal access to modern telecommunication services.
Promoting IP technology in the sector.
Promoting the use of Internet.
Creating a backbone of reliable connectivity.
Developing indigenous know-how and industry.
Maximizing the impact of internet in social and economic development.
Creating an informed community by providing regular information on matters related to the telecommunications industry.
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